Posted in Uncategorized by António Luís Vicente on 24 Maio, 2008

Este magnífico excerto de uma entrevista a Richard Feynman , muito bem apanhado pelo Goodnight Moon

…fez-me pensar numa eficaz metáfora concebida por Isaiah Berlin (e aqui resumida por Aileen Kelly na introdução ao livro de Berlin “Russian Thinkers”):

[P]luralist visions of the world are often the product of historical claustrophobia, during periods of intelllectual and social stagnation, when a sense of the intolerable cramping of human faculties by the demand for conformity generates a demand for ‘more light’, an extension of the areas of individual responsibility and spontaneous action. But as the the dominance of monistic doctrines throughout history shows, people are much more prone to agoraphobia: at moments of historical crisis, when the need for choice generates fears and neuroses, they eagerly trade the doubts and agonies of moral responsibility for deterministic visions, conservative or radical, that give them ‘the peace of imprisonment, a contented security, a sense of having at last found one’s proper place in the cosmos’.